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Together Again - GSF

Written for kare's Truth or Dare Challenge

Together Again

When JC told LaLa the next day that they'd just had a meeting, what he really meant was that they all sat around on Joey’s living room floor getting drunk. Truth be told, they’d all tossed back a drink or two even before their appearance at Madame Tussaud’s. Johnny had watched as they lifted their glasses and patted each other on the back. He didn’t care what happened that night, as long as they worked out their schedules to make few key appearances together and set a tentative date to be back in the studio.

Kelly and Briahna were staying at a hotel for the night. They were leaving the apartment as Chris and JC arrived, Kelly grabbing one of Joey’s credit cards from his wallet on the hall table and muttering something about “you lunatics,” “seven months,” and “not sticking around for this.”

“First order of business,” Chris said as they formed a haphazard circle on the floor. “I missed you guys.” He leaned toward Justin, grabbing his face with both hands and kissing him hard and wet on closed lips. Then he punched Lance’s right shoulder and winked across the circle at Joey and JC.

Justin wiped his mouth with the back of one hand and stuck out his tongue, making a noise of disgust.

“Watch it, J. I have plans for that tongue.” Chris wiggled his eyebrows and Justin just stared at him, wide-eyed and tight-lipped.

“Seven months is too long,” JC agreed. “I feel like I’ve been missing a part of myself.”

Joey wound his right arm around JC’s shoulders and squeezed. “Don’t wax poetic on us now, C. We’re together. We just have a lot to catch up on.”

“And a lot of drinking to do,” Lance added, raising his glass in the air. He was on his fourth of the night and the ratio of rum to Coke in his glass was probably much higher than it should have been, considering he’d had no alcohol while in Russia and very little since he’d been back. But Lance was feeling pretty good right about now and wasn’t too concerned about ratios.

There was an awkward pause which could only be caused by months of separation. Justin picked at the cast on his foot and Chris scratched at his scalp through his too short hair. JC and Lance stared at each other, sipping their drinks slowly.

Joey swirled his own drink around, downed the rest of it in one swallow, cleared his throat and offered, “Manley almost fell off the table last night during the finale. He and Mark were both trying not to crack up.”

When Joey ran out of RENT anecdotes, Justin began to tell the story of how he broke his foot.

“Curly, you’ve told us fifty times,” Chris cut in. “We all know. Dance rehearsal. Right instead of left. Yadda, yadda. I don’t want to hear that story again unless it ends with you and Janet up against the wall, having dirty sex, until your legs give out and you fall to the ground with a broken foot.”

Joey coughed and shifted his position on the floor. Lance’s cheeks blazed bright red and he sipped at his drink. As a matter of fact, his blush was probably caused by the drink, seeing as he was now on his sixth. JC just twittered slightly and muttered, “up against the wall.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Chris said. “How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

“Chri-is,” Joey groaned, “that’s a game for teenage girls.”

“I like it.” JC shrugged.

“I rest my case.”

JC elbowed Joey and added, “We haven’t played it since Germany.”

Lance nodded. “I’ll start. Justin.”


“We’ve all been trying to keep track, but just how many women have you slept with since Britney?”

Justin’s eyes rolled toward the ceiling, concentrating on his mental calculations. “I’m not sure, man. More than five, fewer than eight.”

“Whoo!” JC chirped. “I win! Fork it over, guys.”

Grumbling, Joey, Chris and Lance each handed fifty bucks to JC, who’d had money on both six and seven.

Joey picked truth and Justin asked him, “Do you love Kelly yet?”

“I’ve always loved her,” Joey replied.

“I don’t think that’s what he meant, Joe,” Chris said.

Joey looked a little sad as he answered, “No, I’m not in love with her.” He picked at the zipper on his red vest, but moved on quickly. “JC, you and Tara? What’s the scoop man? She’s hot.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to pick truth or dare. But we’re just buddies. Well, we are.” JC glared at Chris, who continued to laugh. Then he sighed and said, “Lance.”

Lance looked up from stirring his drink with his finger and said, “truth.” Then he licked the rum off his finger with an obscene smack of his lips.

“Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

Lance swayed a little as he thought, then said decidedly, “I can’t. I already tell you everything.”

“Come on, Lance,” Justin prodded. “Even though I'm sure Joey knows everything, there’s got to be something you’re keeping from the rest of us.”

With his face growing serious, Lance took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m gay.”

The other four stared at Lance in silence, until Chris swiped a pillow from the couch and swung it directly at Lance’s face. “Tell us something we don’t know, dipshit! That was one of your answers the first time we played this game.”

It took Lance a minute to gather himself and, with effort, get back into a sitting position. He hmm-ed for a minute before saying, “I slept with a girl in Russia.”

“Now that’s news!” Joey hooted. “And . . .?”

“It was awful,” Lance said.

All five of them laughed and the game continued until they got tired of talking and started taking dares. Joey was licking JC’s neck when Chris proclaimed they were out of alcohol and did Joey have any more in the kitchen?

“Come with me, Bass,” Chris said, when Joey grunted at him to check the fridge. “If you think you can walk straight.”

“He can’t do anything straight.” Justin giggled, his eyes locked on Joey’s mouth.

Chris found a nearly empty bottle of Tequila in the freezer, along with some pre-mixed margaritas. Lance was leaning against the counter, eyes half closed, humming something to himself. Chris reached around him to open some cupboards and burst out with a loud, off-key rendition of Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville.”

“Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt,” Chris wailed, slamming cupboard doors and bemoaning the fact that Joey was living with Kelly instead of JC. JC always kept his condiments in one place.

“Aha!” Chris crowed, bumping Lance with his hip. “Wake up, man. I found the salt.” He waved the shaker, shaped like a cow, in front of Lance’s face.

Lance’s eyes lit up. “Body shots?” he asked.

“You know it,” Chris replied, dragging him back to the living room, where Justin was perched on the ottoman. Joey stood over him, arms above his head, hips swaying from side to side.

“Lap dance, dude,” JC informed Chris and Lance as they settled onto the floor. “Justin was complaining about his lack of action since he broke his foot. So Joey volunteered. It’s kind of hot, you think?”

Lance shook his head in agreement, but had hardly looked at Joey and Justin. He was too busy wetting Chris’ neck with his tongue and shaking salt from the cow’s head. Lance licked the salt from Chris’ neck, drank the Tequila Chris poured for him, then went straight for Chris’ mouth, despite the fact that Chris hadn’t found any limes in his thorough inspection of the refrigerator.

Chris made a small noise of protest, but was too drunk to really care. Besides, Lance’s mouth felt good on his. And his tongue tasted not only salty, but sweet like leftover traces of Coke. Chris closed his eyes and kissed back, grinding his hips when Lance’s knee made its way between his spread legs.

There was a noise from JC and Lance looked over to discover him holding one hand over the bulge in his pants. His gaze drifted from Joey and Justin to Chris and Lance, then back again.

“It’s okay, JC.” Lance spoke out of the corner of his mouth, never breaking the kiss with Chris. Some of his words ended up in Chris’ mouth and probably didn’t make much sense. “It’s not like we haven’t heard you before. Hell, we’ve all seen you at one point or another.”

“Yeah, C. Go ahead and whip it out.” Chris smirked and began unbuttoning Lance’s shirt with his teeth.

Over on the ottoman, Justin was groaning. “Joey, you’re heavy, man. Get off.”

“I thought you were the one who wanted to get off,” Joey teased, rubbing against Justin’s cock with his ass.

Justin yelped in surprise and pleasure. “Um, yeah. Okay.”

Joey began a strip show to accompany his lap dance, complete with cheesy stripper music. He guided Justin’s hands to removed his vest, then lifted his sweatshirt, inch by inch, to reveal his stomach. Justin bent his head and licked at the line of hair that traveled from Joey’s belly button to the waistband of his jeans.

And now JC’s hand was inside his pants and he wasn’t even bothering to hide the fact that he was stroking himself slowly.

Chris and Lance were down to their boxer briefs, their lips locked again, Chris draped over Lance like a blanket. “Say something sexy, Bass.”

Lance’s head rolled to the side as he breathed heavily. He slipped his hands into Chris’ underwear and pushed them down quickly. He grinned and spanked Chris’ ass. “Who’s your daddy?”

JC leaned against the recliner and unzipped his pants. He pushed them down just far enough so that his cock was hanging out, hard and wet against his belly. Chris climbed off of Lance just long enough to give JC’s cock one swift lick, from base to tip. JC shuddered and began to jerk himself faster.

When Chris moved back to Lance, he continued his oral exploration, licking at Lance through the cotton of his boxer briefs. He found the opening and stuck his tongue inside the underwear, moving it in small circles until Lance’s toes curled.

Joey and Justin were naked by now, oblivious to everything else in the room. Their cocks rubbed together and sent jolts of icy heat up Joey’s spine. Joey stood and lifted Justin until Justin’s legs were wrapped around his waist and Joey’s dick was aligned with the crack of Justin’s ass, which elicited high pitched moans from both Justin and JC.

Justin tilted his head to lick along Joey’s upper lip and Joey caught his tongue and they were kissing deeply as Joey walked them to the couch. He let Justin fall gently with his back on the couch, then leaned in on top of him. Justin wrapped a hand around his cock and Joey’s at the same time. They proceeded to grind together, making lewd noises and tonguing each others nipples.

On the floor, JC arched his back and fucked his hand hard, not even bothering to look around anymore. His pants were now pooled around his ankles and sweat beaded on his brow. His left hand rubbed at the inside of his thigh and two fingers pressed below his balls. JC cried out as he came, then collapsed in a heap on the carpet, his chin to his chest, breathing hard.

Enveloped by hot wetness and with JC’s orgasm ringing in his ears, Lance thrust into Chris’ mouth and came as well. When the muscles in his arms began to function properly again, he flipped Chris onto his back and returned the favor, sucking on the head of Chris’ dick like it was a lollipop.

Chris twined a hand in Lance’s hair and came with a low grunt that belied his high singing voice.

There were many grunts coming from the couch, where Justin and Joey were moving with small, quick thrusts, teetering just this side of orgasm. As the other three watched, Justin wrapped his legs around Joey’s back and they came simultaneously, spilling onto Justin’s belly.

Joey lowered himself to the couch next to Justin and shuddered, recovering.

“Truth or dare?” Chris asked, but didn’t wait for anyone to reply. “Have you ever been in a sexual situation with all of your best friends?”

Rubbing at his eyes with one hand and Justin’s belly with the other, Joey replied, “Isn’t that what buddies are for?”

Even JC had to laugh at that.

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